Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using Technology in Geometry

Where do I begin?  This post could take forever!!  I am blessed to have a cart of laptops in my room.  Yes, I am so spoiled.  Anyways, I use the laptops to assess my students on our Learning Targets (Essential Questions), for daily practice, and to explore geometric concepts in general.  Here are some of my favorites:

1.  Geometer's Sketchpad

I use Geometer's Sketchpad (click here) at least once a week with my students.  I love it!!  It captures their attention and makes learning fun.  It's interactive so kids can explore all they want.

I recently had my students compete a Geometer's Sketchpad Lab on Special Quadrilaterals.  If you have Geometer's Sketchpad, you can download the lab here.  There is also a packet that goes with it here.

2.  That Quiz

You can create a class using That Quiz (click here) for free and then assess students on a wide variety of concepts.  When I am ready to assess students, I create a test and then give the internet link to students.  I am currently using this for a small group of students who need extra help in Algebra.

They choose their name and then take the test.  (I have only used the ready made tests on That Quiz, but you can create your own.)  Before they take the "real" quiz, I have them practice, practice, practice so they feel confident.

You can see the results of your students in the online grade book.  As you can see, we just started using That Quiz so there are missing pieces.  It's really easy to use and my students don't mind it.

3.  Quizlet
This week I set-up an account through Quizlet (click here).  The app was free to download and so far I really like it.  Basically, it is a flashcard application students can use online or using their mobile device.  The online version has better features, but most students use the app on their ipod or phone.  I'm still learning about Quizlet, but so far students have said positive things and that they actual study on the bus!

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