Sunday, December 29, 2013

Polynomial Cards

In a few weeks we will be started a unit on Polynomials in Algebra 2.  I want (need!) to do more hands on learning in this course.  I'm thinking I could use these cards for quite a few activities.  I've never taught Algebra 2, so it's hard to say what they would work best for.  My plan is to photocopy 10 sets of cards each on a different color cardstock.  I will distribute a set of cards to each group and let the exploring begin.  Some topics I thought about using these for are listed below.  (I know I saw an idea similar somewhere, but couldn't figure out where.  THANK YOU to whoever deserves credit.  Sorry.)
  • Naming Polynomials
  • Degree of Polynomials
  • Shape of Polynomial Graphs
  • End Behavior
Help!  What I am missing?  Is there anything I should add to the cards?  How would you use these?  Thank you.


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  1. You could make a page with the equations and match those to the graphs.